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Michael Mix

As a young child, Michael worked on farms around his hometown learning about livestock and agriculture. This would shape his career path. As a teenager, he would help his parents in their garden, cultivating different varieties of vegetables and fruits that his mother and grandmother taught him how to “put up” — or preserve — for the cold, wet winters in Kentucky. In 1998, Michael started cooking in the area professionally, later moving to New Orleans to work with different chefs, developing his craft.

After a few years, he relocated to Northwest Florida, where he works with local farmers and fishermen to create interesting but simple plates, letting the fresh ingredients shine.

Michael is dedicated to running an uplifting family-oriented and nurturing environment that embraces learning, teaching, and leading by example — upholding the mentality that “no job is too small.”

Michael is proud to work alongside Chef Jim Shirley and had the honor of joining him in New York to cook at the James Beard House