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Stacey Billera

Born and raised in California, Stacey’s passion for the industry came at the young age of eleven while working in her best friend’s father’s humble diner, bussing tables and slinging omelets.

She moved on to snack carts, hosting, serving, bartending, banquets, pool service, and room service at a variety of casual dining restaurants, hospitals, and hotels before being offered the assistant food and beverage director position of a premier golf course and private country club. This fresh and exciting experience developed into Stacey becoming, within two years, the director overseeing all food and beverage operations.

Stacey acknowledges that her success was due in part to her willingness to take on any role and evolve with the times and each situation — but she also shares with her teams the time she was told, by a General Manager, that her “good” wasn’t good enough. The GM encouraged her to keep failing. But Stacey became close to this General Manager and remains close today.

In 2017, Stacey was ready to follow her best friend on an adventure to the East Coast and was introduced to the nuances of Northwest Florida’s food and beverage operations. Committed to showcasing her desire to provide the ultimate brand and customer experience through her training, coaching, and mentoring skills, Stacey brings with her a deep knowledge of P&L and revenue-generating events to a first-class standard. Stacey also has many hidden talents, including cheerleading, coaching, and singer in a band for over three years.

Stacey enjoys karaoke, of course, and everything outdoors, including hiking, softball, baseball, and boating.